Mahila Mahavidyalaya Amravati

Nootan Vidarbha Shikshan Mandal's Amaravati

Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jog Chowk, Amravati

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. Amravati
Tq.Amravati Dist. Amravati 444601

Rules & Regulation


  1. Student must resure admissions immediately after the result. All necessary documents must be attached to the admission form and admission fees as denoted in the prospectus must be paid.

  2. Students who need help from economics assistance fund should fill up all necessary formats of declaration before the first session ends.

  3. After admission every student must pay the first installment of the tution fees, remaining amount will have to be paid just after Diwali students will have to fill up undertaking for remaining installments with their parents singnature while taking admission all important documents must be attached.

  4. Student will have to pay full fees if she leaves the collage before the academic session ends

  5. Student must see table of fees in appendix one A and B.

  6. Arrangement of cycle stand for students is made by the collage.

  7. Parents meet will be organized of parents for the some is compulsory.

  8. Students must produce undertaking of their attendance with parents singnature while taking admission to the collage.


          From the academic session 2017-18 university semester examinations have began. Important rules and conditions regarding these examination are given below students must follow these rules and conditions after careful reading.

  1. Every student will have to fill examination form for every semester examination independently.

  2. Information regarding semester pattern will be displayed on the notice board by the college office. It is the sole responsibility of every student to follow all instructions.

  3. 3. Material for internal assessment for each and every subject must be submitted by every student in the given date. No marks will be awarded unless the student submits necessary material for internal examination.


A) Every student must be present for each and every class. Period permission is needed for any kind of absence.

B) Guardians narration or statement is required if the student needs leave from the collage.

C) Student can appear for the examination only after 75% attendance, according to the University ordinance. The student who fails to attend 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the examination. Students who fail to appear in unit test and terminal examinations will be entitled for the fine of Rs. 10 and Rs. 100 respectively. Student should be present for the meeting of mentor mentee project which is conducted once in every month. It is necessary for students to be present for National holidays (15th August and 26th January).


          Students will have to produce their guardians consent letter in order to participate in the educational tour organized by Geography, History, Environment, Home economics and Political Science departments. Students must participate in the educational tour organized only by duly constituted committees of the college.


          Students should apply for TC and mark-sheet within a year after leaving the college. Student should follow the rules regarding important certificates for the convenience. The student who applies late after one year, will be charged Rs. 200 for duplicate TC and Rs 10 will be charged for bonafide certificate.