Mahila Mahavidyalaya Amravati

Nootan Vidarbha Shikshan Mandal's Amaravati

Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jog Chowk, Amravati

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. Amravati
Tq.Amravati Dist. Amravati 444601

Mentor-Mentee Scheme (Aastha and Apulki)

             To build confidence and morale among the students and guide them in every manner is the primary responsibility of the Mentor-Mentee Scheme. Mentoring is essential for monitoring students’ development more effectively. It is a designed relationship between mentor and mentee to support every dimension. Mentoring also enables the mentor to develop interpersonal skills, job satisfaction and good relationships. For many years, the institution has executed mentor-mentee projects continuously to fulfil the following objectives.

  • To sharpen learning, inculcate new ideas and act as a guide mentor.

  • To introduce various opportunities and give suggestions to students for promoting themselves academically and professionally.

  • To undertake constant interaction with the students, to sort out their problems related to education, health, financial condition, and socio-economical phenomenon.

  • To form a positive rapport with students so that a healthy Teacher-Student relationship is developed

Activity in Detail:-

             In the institution, the organisational structure of the mentor-mentee project (Teachers Students Guardian Scheme) is named “Aastha” and “Aapulki” by the Principal (Head of the Institution). To conduct the complete procedure, there is a coordinator of this project; in-charge professors review every faculty and interact with the students of UG and PG level for the B.A, and M.A programs. Students’ personal, academic, financial health and family-related information is collected in a well-organized format prepared under the supervision and guidance of the principal. This is a system developed to seek feedback from students about the educational process and other allied system available in the college. The parent-teacher conducts regular monthly meetings to know and solve the various problems faced by students. The issues are forwarded regularly to the administration for necessary actions. Parent-teacher executes multiple projects for the student’s academic and all-round development and visits the families of the continuously absent students to know the reasons for absence. Accordingly, academic/financial help is sanctioned to the students whenever is required. Subject related and other various essential books are provided by the parent-teachers through the library to cultivate reading habits amongst the students.